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Smart Grid Networking

At the core of the system is an open network solution built from the ground up to meet the tough industrial and business requirements of the Smart Grid AMI. Additional hardware and software components built around this core result in an intelligent control and monitoring system which is modern, reliable, secure, scalable, future-proof and perfectly suited for outdoor commercial or industrial lighting applications.

Modules & More

Silectica currently markets and sells a line of lighting control modules to luminaire OEMs to enable them to offer lighting products that are compatible with our intelligent lighting solution. We also partner with third-party vendors to deliver the networking infrastructure, end-application software, and systems integration services. Together, we provide a tailored intelligent lighting solution that effectively delivers the operational and business outcomes required of modern commercial and industrial lighting projects.

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Intelligent Integration

Silectica modules seamlessly integrate into existing luminaire designs requiring near-zero modification to the mechanicals to add control and monitoring capabilities. As a result, luminaire OEMs can easily and effectively extend their product line at minimal risk to participate in a world of new intelligent lighting opportunities.

The secret is in the modern networking technology at the core of our system solution.

See System Components

IoT Frameworks

Powerful, flexible, IoT web management, control and data analytics frameworks offered by partners enable efficient tailoring of customized operator consoles and dashboards for end-use applications.

Zero-Touch Simple

True zero-touch IT provisioning through advanced mechanisms significantly reduce cost and complexity during field deployment and system commissioning.

Safe & Secure

Built upon proven internet security protocols with various layers of encrypted communications to ensure that the network is intruder-hardened. And stays that way.

Partner Ecosystem

Companies providing products and/or services that are working with us to deliver tailored intelligent lighting systems.

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