Luminaire Modules

Integrated Control and Monitoring

Silectica lighting control modules are designed to integrate directly into the lighting fixture with minimal effort on the part of the luminaire OEM. Once mechanically integrated alongside the light source driver and electrically wired to the mains, the light fixture gains remote control and monitoring capabilities. Because of this lower-risk integration adoption model, lighting OEMs can quickly expand their product line to include intelligent lighting models.

Functionally, our modules control the intensity of the light source via two distinct methods. An integrated relay enables complete on/off control of the driver while dimming is controlled via a wired connection to the 0-10V, PWM or DALI interface of the dimmable driver. Each module also integrates a utility-grade energy meter to monitor and report the health of the luminaire as well as the conditions of the power grid. Additionally, the modules are equipped to sense, monitor and report internal and external environmental quantities such as temperature and pressure. The modules also have the capability to accept inputs from external daylight and presence sensors to further extend the monitoring capabilities of the luminaire.

Network Platform

Reliable, Secure, Scalable and Open

Luminaires equipped with our modules communicate thru the same AC lines that power the fixture. The technique is know as power line communications or PLC. When powered, our solution enables the luminaire to become an IP addressable device within a self-forming, self-healing, mesh field-area-network (FAN) formed amongst other luminaires and infrastructure gateway devices. The gateway routers bridge the intelligent luminaires to the private intra-net or Internet at-large for remote control and monitoring.

The foundations of the FAN are unlike any other connectivity solution on the market. Our technology partner, Cisco, initially recognized the need for new and modern open IP-networking standards and protocols to meet the challenging industrial and business requirements of the electric utility smart-grid for large-scale advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) applications. They then sponsored industry stakeholder efforts and partnered with international standards development organizations to codify the optimized networking protocols. With the open standards in-place, Cisco proceeded to design and develop a Connected Grid Platform consisting of gateway devices capable of bridging communications between the wide-area-network -- intra-net or Internet -- and wired (PLC) or wireless (RF) FAN end-point devices such as energy meters and street lights. To complete the picture, they enabled partners to develop a diverse ecosystem of Connected Grid FAN compatible end-point devices. Silectica luminaire-specific, end-point modules are 100% compatible with the Cisco Connected Grid FAN and as a result, the network platform at the core of our solution is modern, reliable, secure, scalable, future-proof, and open.

Systems Integration

Installation, Commissioning and Operation

At Silectica, we believe that a loosely coupled ecosystem of system component and service vendors increases the business outcome value proposition for intelligent lighting system owners. Therefore, along with Cisco, we partner with other entities which provide the system planning, installation, and operational software and services required for a specific end-use application. Whether the end-application is a municipal, commercial or industrial lighting project, we work with our partner ecosystem companies to deliver the optimum tailored system solution.